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*I was just observing random people (as what most introverts usually do...or maybe its just me) at the mall and set my eyes with the most recognized duo in public or private places , known as couples...u, bf/bf, gf/gf and started my thoughts with them. I was inspired writing this journal with my friends, with their different stories of their relationship as couples, some shared media from the internet (like the quotes of Tom Hiddleston, Marcelo Santos III, NeuroLove, etc. , the short film of RA Rivera - Tales From The Friend Zone x, new album of ThisWildLife - Clouded and others)and lastly, this was the most common status of people around the world, mostly the bitter quotes. I don't know why I end up writing this journal.

Note: All of these are purely MY OPINION. I don't have any right to 'define' or 'judge' once relationship as a whole since I didn't experience this type of relationship. I didn't thoroughly studied about it.

Also, my observation is limited for Filipinos but possibly applicable for everyone.

These was based on my observation so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)


We all know what does 'Relationship' is. It is an emotional connection between people. By blood or not, or by opposite sex or not.

For the couples, it is the greatest challenge that would be given for those who need it or would willing to share with. It challenge not only the faith of two love birds, or measures the sweetness they have with each other, but also, it is a lesson learned for both of them to understand, to adjust with, to care with, and to define the true meaning of it; love.

Many would say (especially those who are bitter with it - singles, unexperienced or not) that it was the most ridiculous thing that ever happened in their lives. It was their worst nightmare that would cause them to fear to love again, worst decision to end up with, and the only hope that they have but 'destroyed' because of the person they once with this status.

Most of the quotes in Facebook and some merchandise says that, it was the most valuable thing that must be kept; a treasure. Just like a math; always finds a never ending problem (got this quote from a t-shirt in a mall...I just translated it for the good of others :)), and a partner's pride etc.

And for my conclusion from my observation, my friends experiences and from the definitions above that, it was something that is easy to understand but difficult to maintain, something that is worth fulfilling and worth of wound, and something that would be easier to start but difficult to end. It was always contrasting on how it will change you before, during and after this relationship. Just like a life lesson, but this one will hit you too hard like an illegal drugs. It sounds scary, but beautiful.

Young/Weak love is all about sweets, innocence and curiosity. It aims only for cuddles and 'kilig'. Problem was a big no in this relationship. Just like a makahiya (mimosa pubica), if you accidentally harm it, the leaves will close. And if you tried to touch or open it, it would stay closed. Once a couple would hurt each other, it will trigger their negative thought that will traumatize them and they would tend to believe that these thoughts will happen. Imagination was the main enemy of most relationship. Although, it is normal for all people because, it is our defense mechanism or an instinct... The other thing is misunderstanding....

That's why no couples will stand in this bond. And that's the cause of bitterness of all ex'.

In my opinion, it was equally known as 'caring', that we share in our family, but added with sweets and spices.

(to be continued) 


I started to try to speak with my drawings since Aug 22, 2014, to release these negative thoughts of my over thinking brain. It's eating me. I don't know how to stop it.
I'm not ready to pop my own bubble and if I am, I wouldn't/couldn't put it in to words.
I was seen as a happy person outside but they see me also as mystery.
Well, that's who I am :) welcome to my complicated world!


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